HI im a fan of nicki minaj badur!
im 12 years old and people know i like nicki minaj..they even call me nicki sometimes.
nicki minaj Pictures, Images and Photos
isn't this mixtape awesome?

also i'm trying to be a rapper too! My friends say thats i'm really good at it! but probably not good enough yet so i can make it to the top! I never let anyone bring me down.
Things that i Like:
and talking to friends...when they dont annoy me.
i know ALOOOTTTTTTT of nicki's songs. my favorite song from nicki is Warning. *passes out* AMAZING!!!!! My heart almost stopped jus thinking about it!

Don't we all want to be loved? Shoot I know i do :D
ok i'm hungry again typing this :(
nicki minaj Pictures, Images and Photos
aww nicki!!!! SHARE >.<
also yall HATERS need to stop coming on here you...

&quot;My Time Now&quot; Nicki (Roman) moment Pictures, Images and Photos
and if yall got issues
nicki minaj gif Pictures, Images and Photos
but ill try to brush it off
Nicki Minaj Pictures, Images and Photos
nicki minaj Pictures, Images and Photos

p.s. i dont have a facebook or a twitter but you can make an account add and pm me on otakuzone, my username is aaaa111. i dont bite :D

aint no muthafrikn long paragraphs aint no muthafrikn youtube muthafrikn videos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't give a zippity zoo za zam I love this outfit!!!

What Nicki consists of is:

Talent of slaying trappers, her smile and:


Do I need to comment :D

And who would say no to her smile and dimples

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    hey im sick and i have party to hard. im not going to be here if i have nothing to talk about. have you sen nicki minaj stupid hoe

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    On Tue, Jan 31, 2012 at 3:48 PM, Angie_ said:

    Yea.But dont let anyone control or bring you down.Ive had that done to me thousands of times.Lolz.Its not fun.But anyways today was sooooooo much better than yesterday.How's it going for u?

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