Mon, Jun 2, 2014 at 9:33 PM

Miley Creepy Cyrus

That girl used to make me happy when she was on Hannah Montana, which aired on Disney Channel. Now, she's making me angry by doing drugs, spitting in her fans faces, kissing girls, telling people to get laid & smoke weed, and making jokes about rape. Don't listen to her because she's not a good influence and has poor judgement. I'm not trying to prevent you from being her fans, I'm trying to prevent everyone from drugs and jail. If there's anyone who should be taking notes about drugs, it should be Miley Nasty Cyrus. STAY OFF drugs, barbz. I know I will be a role model than she is because when I do my own web show, I'm gonna tell everyone what I'm telling you all right now. I don't think Miley's fans should listen to her because she's teaching them how to put their lives at risk. Her concert tickets aren't selling good because of this mess. She deserves that for doing all that crap since the VMA's. I'm glad Liam Hemsworth left her because of what she's doing and didn't pay attention to him. I didn't like what she did to that kid who wanted to meet her. Miley didn't think about her, she thought about herself and drugs. Whenever I see a kid, I would make them happy and dreams come true. Remember to not to listen to Miley Class Aid Cyrus.

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