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I'm super sorry Internet was out iPad had to be repaired. Okay so I haven't been on in three months and I'm not gonna make anymore promises cuz I know I usually can't keep them. So I've been having a lot of issues relationship wise. I need my best closest barb (Alayja) for some advice. Um school is good bitches is my sons yes they was and they still is. Bitches have beef with me but i don't really care uhhh I'll beat that ass anytime anywhere idgaf to be completely honest. Um my baes are the best I love them and they all know ill catch a bullet for each one of em. My clique we are too live suttee lmao. We are better then the 7th graders and we're 6th. So they suck. My birthday is February 15th show me some love on that day. Classes suck teachers dint teach and I still have all A's. My Spanish teacher sucks she be doin the most. Imma sneaker head so barbz FuckWitMeYouKnowIGotIt. I love you all! MUAAAHHHHH *Kisses the barbz*. Follow me on Instagram @elite_kaylee
I am a private page but I check everyday so y'all will be able to view my page in under a day not unless something has come up or I got in trouble.
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