Tue, Jul 17, 2012 at 2:29 AM

Being Who Are and Dealing With Your Issues

By: Jade Cook

So, I wanna be depressing...cause we've all gotta be at some point in our lives I guess. We've all got our own issus and difficulties, some we find easy to talk about and solves, and some we prefer to keep to ourselves. Some issues are the ones that arent good to keep to know, the ones that can cause conflict and disease within the brain.
Some issues people around us do know about but th emore we choose not to deal with the issue (because of fear etc) it can make relationships difficult.
Never let it get to this point ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
I'm at this point right now...and take it from me its not a position you wanna be in.
So please Barbz, if you got conflict in your mind and finding life hard to deal with, get help...dont torture yourself and those around you. If anyone would like to speak to me or ask for advice feel free to tweet me or message me on here

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