Mon, Jun 17, 2013 at 2:51 PM

New House !

Do I seem like an apartment type bitch?
I don't think I do.
Even though, I recently moved out of one.
But, anyway ...
I'M MOVING ... Into a house.
Well, not really a house.
See, the way the down south struggle is set up ....
That's besides the point, anyway I'm about to go clean it, because constructionist can't seem to clean their fucking mess up -____-
I spent my whole ass day, on Tumblr ... And that shit was a weird ass journey.
Every Barb should have one ^_^
It would be so fun.
All the pictures of Nicki on there, and the GIF's O.O
YASSSS, you would get your life.
Like, my Tumblr >>>>>

The background + The pictures/GIF's = F L A W L E S S !

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