Thu, Feb 13, 2014 at 5:51 PM

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didn't need a little bestfriend, to come help me cope when the bitch left then, didn't need a motivation quote to let me try and head up, when really they nosey asses just pretend, need a real ass that's strong and unsympathetic, really who is the man man here, all these lyin asses too pathetic, i don't even try but i burn, pop a wheelie, leave two middle fingers in the sky, oh god why, because i am me, and fuck who said i couldn't be, and who said i should be rapping about motivation and be the people's therapy, i am not gonna take them under my wing unless they praise ol' me, praise ol' me, just to look at me, need a me in a different format, why you still try, fake yourself up, red addition, surgery, i don't know what they motive lately but i guess i gotta son em, baby, chin up these nobodiators and on top build a bunk crib for the haters, you my son

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