Fri, Feb 14, 2014 at 5:06 PM


ima put a mark on the game, spitters in the game get raped, like i spit on your grave, i'm curvin the bitches, guiding these people like harriet and them slaves, put a new thing in the rave, put the boy in his place, set it off like latifah, give a fuck about the race, i'm pitbull that bull that hits harder than ja rule, ima prove my role, get up on my roll, spit then shine, green pea bitches heard anthony wanna me, like "where do i sign?" i'm up for the crime, next jodi, cena you can't see me charles make em blind, ima keep clockin, til it's my time, when it's my time, time i will die, just on my rise, still on my grind, typical but this mix tropical like an illusion optical, get up for a job, jiggilo, get it low, lemme see a pop pop and when i release the EP, the rest will 9-1-1 drop drop

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