Thu, May 5, 2011 at 5:10 PM

Super Bass!!!

Ok I usually don't do blogs about Nicki's videos, but OMG let me talk about Super Bass! This video definitely lived up to the hype!!! I remember seeing the preview and knowing that this video was just going to be sexy, hot and well everything!!! Now that the video has dropped OMG!!!!! If you don't get excited just watching Nicki I swear there is something wrong with you!

Ok so let me get to my personal 4 main scenes in the vid. Let me start off with Nicki and the dance scene. Omg she just looks so cute cute cute!!! Obviously we had already seen some of it in the preview, but I dont get where she says she can't dance. She can move and omg her smile and that long pink hair is just too hot. She looks all cute and innocent (yea we know better *side eye to Nicki).

We move on to my FAVORITE PART which is the pool scene. OMN!!!! Her walking in that bathing suit and all the guys looking at her. Mhhmmmm shoot its not just the guys looking at her, all these girls are falling like dominoes!!! Then when she's in that pool and she drips that pink stuff on her.... OMG that is just SEX!!! SEX SEX SEX SEX. Did I mention SEX??? That is the HOTTEST scene ever (yes I probably looked at that scene like 1000 times).

We move on to the bike scene. We had seen some of this when MTV interviewed Nicki about the vid. I don't know how on earth that bike is still standing cause Nicki melted that ice with those booty pops!!! She was grinding hard and those facial expressions. LORD... Nicki work that bike!!!

Ok last scene and we have Lapdancenika back!!! (We obviously can now see that the pic that Nicki tweeted about yesterday had to do with this scene.) Nicki was working that body and those hips and that hair!! Omg her playing with her hair!! Let alone at the end of the video when she's laying on the guy's lap and putting her finger in her mouth!!! Omg its just too much!!!

Ok that's my summary of the Super Bass vid. Nicki is a superstar (as if we didn't know that already) and this video just continues to grow her status of superstar! This song is a hot summer hit and with Where Dem Girls At and the Femme Fatale tour coming up, Nicki is about to blow up (PAUZ). I cannot wait for what's in store for her. This is going to be an epic summer!!!

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