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Team Minaj

Ok, so here goes. I usually don't like to comment on Team Minaj itself, cause well if there is something to be said, I usually post it on twitter. However, I think that's its finally time for me to write about Team Minaj since everyone seems to have an opinion about it.

Let me start off by saying that when I joined Team Minaj it was a different experience. I have never been a part of a group like that on twitter and to see that everyone was here for Nicki it brought a smile to my face. There was a sense of UNITY and compassion. Yes, there were people that thought that they were the sh*t (as usual) but there wasn't as much drama going on either. Team Minaj didn't make you just feel like you were part of a team, but more like a family. That's how it felt.

As time went on, things began to change. Yes we grew and that's great, but the more people met Nicki, talked to Nicki, got a response, a retweet or got a DM from Nicki the more I saw people acting like they were the sh*t. Let me put it this way, I have gotten a RT from Nicki, DMs from Nicki and yes I have met her and will see her again in the Femme Fatale tour. Does that make me better than any other Team Minaj?? HELL NO. Does that mean I should act super stuck up cause Nicki knew who I was??? HELL NO. So why do I see people on Team Minaj acting like they are so special and better than the rest?? I am blessed that I have the chance to see Nicki and that I got followed and she has sent me messages, but that doesn't make me better than anyone. Unfortunately, some Team Minaj members don't understand that concept. They never will.

When I see Nicki do the Ustreams talking about unity and how Team Minaj should be together, in some ways to me its more of a dream now. People act one way with Nicki, and Nicki might think they are the nicest person on the earth, but as soon as Nicki leaves and a couple of days pass by, they show their true colors. They basically act like they SPEAK for everyone in Team Minaj, they feel they can set RULES in Team Minaj and they feel that if you support anyone that is NOT Nicki then you aren't Team Minaj. Well guess what? YOU do NOT set the rules, and you sure as hell are NOT going to tell me who is Team Minaj and who isn't. The only person that should say any of that is NICKI yes NICKI HERSELF.

So let's get back to that last Ustream. Nicki talked about unity and how strong we are if we worked together. The more I was hearing her talk about that, the more upset I got. Why??? Because I knew that people would eventually go back to their old way. Let’s think about it for a second… how long did it take for people to fight again after Nicki’s warning??? It was just a couple of DAYS after that Ustream when I saw drama on my timeline again. I knew things weren’t going to change. The fact of the matter is, that when Nicki is talking to us, the people who should be listening about how we should be together act like it doesn’t apply to them, or that she wasn’t directing it towards them.

When Nicki did that 1 and 2 it was a test and a trick at the same time. Therefore, I did not vote on that. However, let me put it this way. How many people in Team Minaj can you truly say have your back? How many people in Team Minaj can you say you TRULY trust? Cause when it comes down to it, and I have seen in on twitter and in real life, when it has to do with Nicki and getting a chance to see her or be with her, a lot of Team Minaj members instead of helping each other out just care about THEMSELVES.

The reality is, we spend more time fighting other Team Minaj members and we forget what the whole purpose of this team is. We should be REQUESTING, VOTING and BUYING Nicki's music. That is all that matters.

I’m not speaking for the Team. I’m speaking for myself and what I see. I may not say much, but I’m always observing how the team is. I always base a lot of stuff on first impressions, so far ever impression that I have had or certain conceited and stuck up Team Minaj members has been TRUE. Hence the reason why I don’t follow you and I don’t want to see you in my timeline. No one has proven me wrong so far. I have met some great Team Minaj members, that will do anything for Nicki and truly care for her.

I will leave you with this…. Unfollow me, unfriend me whatever. I have gone through so much drama on this Team, that I don’t care anymore. I have spoken from my heart and I will always support Nicki. That’s why I am part of Team Minaj and that’s what Team Minaj should be all about.

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    I'm SO happy.

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    Thank you.

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