Wed, Jun 8, 2011 at 6:29 PM

In Response to NickisLatinBarb: DieHard or just Commons

This is in response to NickisLatinBarb blog. Read it first and then read my response.

I agree and disagree. I don't care if ppl dont like what I'm about to say cause at this point most of the time in teamminaj I just keep it to myself. However, I completely DISAGREE when ppl tell ME that I can only stan for Nicki. Like who the hell are you to tell me who to stan or who not to stan for? The ppl that know me, and know who I am, know that I love Britney and I love Nicki. That this is my dream tour and I live for both of them. So now because im supposed to be teamminaj I'm not going to like Britney anymore? If that's the case that fine, don't call me teamminaj, don't call me a diehard. I don't care. I request, I buy Nicki's features, I have gone all the times she's been in Chicago. Whatever at this point, I will support her, but if it bothers ppl so much that I support Britney I don't care. I'm not going to change.

When it comes to that other person, please lets NOT act like they are all innoncent. They have started crap before and no I'm not talking about them not liking Beyonce. So please SIT. It's like me insulting Gaga. Anyway, that person brings drama as well. Let's be real and honest about it. However, that does not mean that it was right for ppl to blast him like that, don't get it twisted.

What upsets me is the fact that we come at the defense for this particular individual, but we also drag other ppl. There is teamminaj drama every freaking day. I dont' see ppl standing up for someone or giving them the benefit ot the doubt. Ppl are quick to attack and let it be. How I know this? Cause I've seen it first hand. And most of the ppl who will read this know exactly what I'm talking about.

Also, why are we focusing on that one word? Please I have been called words far worse than that. Am i going to throw a fit and act like the world is coming to an end?? HELL NO. It is what it is, and in the REAL WORLD you will hear more than just that.

If after all of this, you guys want to call me fake, not teamminaj, not a die hard or CF, at this point I don't care. I didn't know it was WRONG to state opinions. I will continue to support Nicki cause I love her music, I can see the talent she is just an amazing person. I'm not going to change that.

This is nothing personal to Yani, she's my friend and she knows damn well how much I respect her. :) We all have opinions, they might be different, but in the end is about RESPECT. Something we are definitely lacking in this team.

  1. St3pyacookiesup avatar

    On Wed, Jun 8, 2011 at 6:41 PM, St3pyacookiesup said:

    THIS!!!!!!!! as well.

  2. Adam Hull avatar

    On Wed, Jun 8, 2011 at 6:36 PM, Adam Hull said:

    I agree with u 100%! :)

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