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wellll this is fantastically late! Sorry i haven't updated my profile in FOREVER but I have in fact been coming to mypinkfriday everyday of my life! soo this is really late but i just wanted to say that i did attend Nicki's GMA concert and oh my how exciting it was!! So it was on friday aug. 5th. Well on thursday I woke up at 9:30 am. I went about my daily activities and so forth. At 1am me and my dad took the last metro north to grand central and we got there around 2. Boy oh boy i coulda said grand central was MINE! This was the first time i had seen grand central empty. There were about 2 nicki fan groups. So we needed to take the subway to central park. so we got a little lost but found our way. Except we got off at 72nd west and we needed to get to 72nd east. we walked a couple blocks to get to central park but when we get there we have to walk around the perimeter to get to the other side. That took about 30 blocks and an hour. we finally see Nicki fans everywhere! we get in line at 3:30 am. We stand there for about an hour and we finally get to move up only to get into a bigger line x_x. Then we waited till 6:20 to get into that beautiful mushroom wonderland!! Oh My nicki was amazing i never seen her so full of life!! so after that me and my father walked to times square and have some mc'ds breakfast. We get to white plains at 11:26 and i take the biggest nap ever! That was the first time i had stayed up 26 hours but how it was worth it!! I'd do anything for Ms. Minaj!

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