Sun, Jun 19, 2011 at 1:12 PM


Why do I love you guys so much? Each and Every last ONE OF YOU gives me life... We may fuss, We may fight, but stick together and HOLD ON TIGHT.... We're all here for ONE REASON.. and if your reason isn't SUPPORTING NICKI, u in the WRONG PLACE!!!!!!

@iiDragg4Nicki - Ur Humorous, aggressive and ASSERTIVE ATTITUDE gives me What I NEED!!! LOVE U GIRL!!

@TeamMinajBXTCH - Words can't even explain, ur words of wisdom, prayers for Nicki & the team.. I LOVE YOU GIRLL NUFF SAID!!

@BiGGaDenAm0nstA - ChrisssyyY!! U bring such a LOVELY SPIRIT to #TeamMinaj I love you dude!!

@Flawless_EhEhF1 - we most definately gotta get ona track together, u influence me to embrace a talent I didn't know I had... RAPPING!! HAHAHAA LOVE U GIRL!

@BillyMinaj - As much as pple hate you... YOU ARE STILL YOURSELF.. Ur a DIVA! U are FEARLESS!! U don't give a SHXT ABOUT NO ONE SAYS!!!! =)

@BossyBeauty82 - Where do I begin? U came to me and look at you now... U ARE TRUELY GENUINE!! we gotta party again soon!! =)

@Kouture_Barb & @PrettyLadyEmmy - Brandi & Emmy u are truly beautiful, I didn't get a chance to meet you but I can't wait until we do!!

@NickisLatinBarb - Thank you for supporting me and giving me that hype hispanic energy for me to KEEP GOING with MY DANCING!!! , U know I love youu!!!

@DaRealKhefner - Kenny boo!!! Most definately gotta party more!!! Even though we haven't talked like dat.. I see me and you building beautiful friendship

@TM_RomanCouture - Love u Dawn!!! =) Ur energy!! EPIC!!!! PARTY WAS ROCKING DAT DAY!!!

@iHateBrokePpl_ - Rude ass!!! But I respect you SO MANY WAYS cuz u honestly don't give a fuck about NATHAN!!!!! Love u bro!

@scaffbeezyson - I hate you -__- Lmaooo Love u Jovan!

@CandiQueen =) Ima come to you for more lap dances

@KenBMinaj - i miss you daddy!! =) lmaoooooooo Love u still!! even though we got a Divorce!


UMMMMM I can't do everyone but shoutouts to ALL OF YALLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love you #TeamMinaj

  1. PLaYBoYKeNxX avatar

    On Tue, Jun 21, 2011 at 5:32 AM, PLaYBoYKeNxX said:

    lols HOODKEN u know I love you right???

  2. @HOODKENaughty avatar

    On Sun, Jun 19, 2011 at 6:29 PM, @HOODKENaughty said:

    Ooop [ Omitted ] LOL

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